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Husband, Fireman, Maker

Rachel & Brian Wedding-349_websize.jpg

First Things first

Hi, I'm Brian, the owner and primary maker at All Hazards Carpentry. I've been married to my beautiful wife, Rachel, since 2020, and every day is better than the last. She keeps me in check, encourages me to be the best version of myself, and most of all, sends me pictures of our dog while I'm at work. We started All Hazards Carpentry as a continuation of my woodworking hobby, and we're excited to see where this journey goes!

Second Things Second

The fire service is a huge part of my life. Not just because it takes up a third of my time, but also the family you gain while spending that time serving the community is priceless.

I will always back my brothers and sisters in red, blue, and green.

All gave some. Some gave all.


And Finally

I like to make things. There's a certain feeling you get when you're able to take a chunk of rough cut lumber and turn it into something beautiful. It's something that I started doing as a hobby, but, with God's grace, has turned into so much more.

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