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This homemade recipe is what All Hazards Carpentry uses to finish all of the boards we make. We are constantly testing and improving our formula and ratios to ensure the best protection and longevity of your board. It makes the perfect finish for any board you buy from us, as well as any board you already have.


NOTE: Never put wooden products in the dishwasher and never use cooking oils like olive, canola, vegetable, etc. to recondition your cutting board or butcher block after cleaning. They will go rancid and potentially ruin your board.

AHC Wood Wax - 4oz.

Excluding Sales Tax

    1. Make sure wood surface is clean from food residue, chemicals, adhesives, etc.
    2. With a clean cloth, apply a liberal amount of wood wax to the surface, coating the entire surface.
    3. Let sit for 20-30 minutes to allow the mixture to soak into the wood.
    4. Buff off with a clean cloth.
  • All Hazards Carpentry Wood Wax should be reapplied to your cutting board whenever it starts to lose it's sheen or you notice that liquids are starting to soak into the wood instead of bead up and run off. 


    With weekly use, that comes out to around once every 4-6 months. If you use and handwash your board daily, that could be as often as once a month.

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